A company doomed for failure

94 out of 100 people in this country agree that Congress is a worn out, broken down, useless piece of machinery that cannot, will not or is unable to legislate. Members of the Senate and Congressional workforce (elected officials) seem not to have any concerns about doing their job. Members of their related State and local workforce are just as inefficient and garner similar marks for production.

Why should the elected officials, our employees, care about their ability to get the job done? After all, they are still getting paid. Regardless of productivity they continue to hold on to their jobs. Their personal and political wealth and power continues to grow. These slackers continue getting massive amounts of media attention and pay (in some form or other) for speaking engagements. Let’s not forget the fringe benefits and company paid benefits they gain while doing very little for their bosses.

The sad thing, while the employees are handled with kid gloves they are being paid for what amounts to poor productivity and corporate espionage. While they are playing games equivalent to King of the Mountain, Dodge Ball, Chicken and Simon Says, they are costing their employers their own jobs, income, retirement funds and health benefits.

In other words, the employee continues to pilot the ship full of passengers (you and me) toward the infamous iceberg that sank the Titanic.

Like Nero, they sit laughing and play their fiddles while America burns. (Good metaphor. However, Nero never played the fiddle. The fiddle had not yet been invented)

I believe actions of our elected officials are coming very close to being just as pompous and arrogant as King George III and as crazy as Nero. Watching them in action is like watching a bad Mr. Bean or Pee Wee Herman movie.  Gru, villain/father of Despicable Me fame, can be considered an intelligent saint compared to many (if not most) of today’s elected officials.

My wife and I just returned from a vacation that took us through 10 States. Without exception, in every state we overheard people discussing (some just cussing) politics and politicians. What does this tell us as concerned employers?

It tells me it is well past time to remind the Senate, Congress and all other elected persons, “You work for us. You serve at the will of the people and you answer to the same if you do not do your job!”

The elected employee should understand they can be fired at will. The do-nothings need to be put on notice they will be fired if they do not prove their worth to the organization…we the people.
It is well past time that their actions and the costs of those actions be open to the public for review and justification. They need to understand “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.  In more simple terms, they are not above the laws and restrictions that are put upon the employer.

It makes me angry; no it makes me sick, when our employees hosts Town Hall style meetings and then refuse to let the employers (you and me) asks direct questions of them the employee.  It's as if the company's representative has put duct tape on the stockholders mouth so they can not ask questions or seek clarification on matters of interest.

Seriously, the purpose of the meetings is to share information.  Sharing is a two way street. Unless employers demand a good work ethic, honesty, loyalty, a trusting relationship, accountability and two way communications there is no relationship.

Look at what is happening within the political arena.  Now try to convince yourself everything is going well. Ask yourself, “If a business was run like our government how successful would it be? How happy would the stockholders be with the lack of results, the final product? How happy would I be if it was my company?”

How long are “We, the people”, “We, the CEO’s”, “We, the bosses” going to continue letting Congress and all of the other sanctimonious politicians and politicos (including those spinners of the truth within the media ranks) continue their sellout of our country’s future, our future and that of future generations?

I am afraid of the answer.

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