Who lives among us?

As I was doing research for an unrelated story, I ran across some data and information that, well, “sort’a set me back” as my grandma use to say.

According to the Examiner.com and TheTruthBehindtheScenes.org there are extraterrestrials living among the citizens of the U.S. and China. 
Evidence: It's Bush's fault!

Other sources reveal Gill-men live in our rivers, lakes and swamps. Of course, we cannot forget our own Lizard-man!

While I remain somewhat suspicious of these revelations, I do accept there are “monsters” living in our neighborhoods, our county and our State.

According to the latest information I was able to obtain (year 2012), the City of Darlington had 5 rapes, 12 robberies, 61 assaults, 85 burglaries, 405 thefts, 24 auto thefts and 1 case of arson.

To put things in perspective, based on population vs. crime ratio (using 100,000 as the statistical mean) Darlington had a score of 681.3 (average score across the nation is 200-400).

Here is how Darlington compares to the nearest towns/cities in the area (higher score means more crime): Bishopville 390.9, Coward 62.1, Darlington 681.3, Florence 652.6,  Hartsville 881.7, Lamar 222.8, Lynchburg 357.0, Society Hill 112.3.

Two things can be said about these numbers. Darlington has a problem, but thank God for Hartsville.

Sad to say “real crime” is not the city’s only problem. There are other monsters in the community.

As I looked into other areas of concern, I found as of June 20, 2013 there are 53 registered sex offenders in Darlington. The ratio of number of residents in Darlington to the number of sex offenders is 125 to 1.

What I consider to be two of the most, if not the most, heinous crimes are child abuse and neglect.

According to Children’s Defense Fund reports, there was an average of 11,324 victims of abuse and/or neglect* per year during the 2010-2011 reporting cycle in South Carolina. The majority of the offenders were relatives or close friends* of the family. I am not sure monster is the right word to use to describe these vultures, leeches, demons, scum of the earth beings.

Convinced "It's a great day to be in South Carolina"? 

The good news is there are individuals who come in different shapes, heights, color, gender, religions, age and generations who serve as volunteers who put others before themselves.

They are the volunteer Guardian ad Litems who work with the abuse and neglected children.

They are the Foster Caregiver who bring troubled children into their homes and make them a part of their family.

They are the loving people who adopt the abused, neglected and unwanted children.

They are the Victims’ Advocates who assist the victims of crime get through the myriad of activity that must be faced during the investigations, trials and period of readjustment.

They are the volunteer Chaplains  within the ranks of law enforcement.

They are the Volunteers working in our hospitals, shelters and Food Banks. 

Contact these Angels for services and to become a Volunteer.

They are the Angels among us.

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