A big week full of “stuff”

Have you ever had so many things bouncing around in your head you cannot decide what direction to follow?

If you answered yes to the above question, welcome to my world!

Let’s look at what has happened in the last week: The special session in Columbia. Governor Nikki Haley has a field day with the veto ink pen.  Town of Timmonsville has a special election. The Supreme Court of the United States creates a passel full of controversy with several rulings. Ted Vick and his attorney try pull a legal maneuver to circumvent justice.  The fight begins over the infamous “Illegal amnesty bill”.

Instead of boring you with a lot of politico mumbo-jumbo, I am going to take each of the above topics and throw out an opinion/comment and move on.

2013 Special Session: What a waste of time and taxpayer money. Nothing accomplished that could not have been taken care of in the regular session. The Senate and House said they were taking an extra week off for Easter. They touted how the extra time off would save taxpayers roughly $55,000 per day. Well, where are those savings since you guys and gals had to return after the regular session to finish the mess you started and left incomplete?

Governor Haley’s veto of Certificate of Need (CoN) funds: The audacity of a Republican governor thinking that free enterprise and the market should dictate how hospitals and other healthcare related entities operate their businesses. 32 CoNs (no pun intended) were in the hopper at the time of the veto.

The South Carolina Hospital Association says CoNs keep the costs of healthcare under control. They say it helps keep hospitals in the smaller communities. Speaking to officials at several area healthcare facilities, it appears they are also believers.

In all honesty, I agree.

Some say the CoN is nothing more than an end-around to prevent competition from moving in to the area.

I agree there is some merit in that comment. Too many players in the sandbox mean less sand for everyone. If new health facilities are built in an area without a “real need”, established facilities will lose some patients, costing them valuable operating funds; however, it is very possible the new facility may fail to acquire the patients to maintain a profitable business. Therefore everyone loses creating an interesting dilemma.

Town of Timmonsville to get water services: The citizens of Timmonsville flooded (pun intended) the voting precinct(s) with a huge turnout (about 26% turn out). 397 voted to have the City of Florence to take over the Town’s water services while 48 voted in opposition. The only reason I can see why anyone would vote against having good clean water and pipes to deliver that water is,  perhaps I should not go down that road…read between the lines.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS): Same sex marriage, Talk about a mixed bag of baloney! No ruling on whether or not same sex marriage is legal. However, if you do get married you have the same rights as anyone entering a marriage. Well, that’s confusing. In a heterosexual marriage the wife gets all the rights! The husband gives up all of his rights. In a same sex marriage, who is the wife, who is the husband? The court should have made this issue more clear.

What if the same sex marriage took place in a State that allows the marriage and the couple moves to, well, South Carolina? Do the rights migrate with the couple or does the couple forfeit those rights?

The issue is so confusing.

Voters’ Rights: The Crow is dead! A once needed and once great requirement has finally been stricken. The Voter’s Rights Act (1965) was established to make sure certain States, primarily in the big bad South, made sure all of its citizens had free and equal access to vote.

No doubt this law was needed and should have been in effect for many of the last 4+ decades.
Folks, times have changed and it is about time people realize white folk, black folk, Native American folk and “LEGAL” immigrant folk ( all aka AMERICANS) have the same rights and privileges. It is about time that all people be able to say “Free at last!”

State Rep Ted Vick:  Okay, I am going to paraphrase this issue, “Yes, I was given the Miranda Rights. Yes, I understand my rights. I am not going to trial because those rights were not given to me and recorded on video.”

Are you kidding me?!?

All parties involved in this issue (Ted Vick DUI Part 2) say Miranda was given. But, during a struggle between Vick and the officer, they moved out of line with the video recorder so it is not on camera.  State law says Miranda must be on video.

I guess the officer should have said, “Sir, being you are the Honorable State Representative Ted Vick, would you please stand right there, if you can do so without falling, so I can check the video to make sure we are on camera. If not, your Highness, we will have to go through that struggle again. This time we will need to move in the other direction as not to lose the proper position and be live on the video. Thank you, Sir Vick.”

Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill: Sorry, not enough time or space for this issue. We’ll talk about it later!
Oh, I almost forgot a story as big as the Ted Vick issue…

Paula Dean: Get a life, Folks!

So what if Paula Dean used the “N Word” some twenty years ago. So what if she wanted a “Traditional Old South” wedding for her brother.

I guarantee you said to yourself or thought the actual word as you read “N Word”. You racist pig!
You should be led down the primrose path with Paula Dean. You should lose your income. You should face the ridicule and hogwash that Paula Dean has been facing.

Why is it be okay for one person to use certain words and another be condemned for using the same word?

Why is it okay to have the same word used time after time in music and “street talk” every day?

Why is it okay to wear “saggin pants” (those pants that are below the hips and look like they are about to fall to the ground)? BTW, I have seen them fall twice in the last year.
Why do I ask this question? Spell saggin backwards and what does it spell? It is my understanding this is the thing to be called in the brotherhood.  

Folks, help me out here! I am having difficulties in comprehending the issue.

Paula Dean, you are guilty as charged for saying something that was not that uncommon 20-30 years ago. You are guilty, just like 100% of all humans for saying something in your younger days that today is taboo.

Okay, I’m done.

Think I might go get me a pair of saggin’s.

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