Prom Night: A evening of joy or death?

I wanted to share the remarks from a gentleman who was listened to my program on Newstalk 970 WJMX and 97.9 FM. I was so moved by his words of truth and wisdom. I contacted him to get his approval to share his comments (unedited) as a guest contributor. The topic is serious. Parents, grandparents and other concerned people need to help spread the word to teens everywhere. Prom Night celebrations should be a night of happy memories; not an evening of serious injury or loss of life.

April 11, 2013 

Bill Pickle: “In the Pickle Barrel” / WJMX 970 AM

I am a steady listener.  You have a great show.  You discuss timely subjects . . . local, state and national.  You show great respect to your guest callers.
      This particular morning (April 11), you discussed – fairly and thoroughly and [obviously] sincerely “from the heart” – the grave concerns about “drunk driving” mishaps (particularly on “prom night”) and other “driver distraction” issues. 


      Nonetheless, society continues to label these tragic happenings as “drunk driving accidents” because of their own naivety, ignorance, or calloused disregard. 
      It saddens me greatly to realize that our country seems ready to “accept” 25,000 to 30,000 drunk driving fatalities EACH YEAR (and who knows HOW MANY “life changing” injuries), just for the right to drink alcohol.  
     The “alcohol lobby” in this nation is so very strong, and alcoholic beverages are such a part of all levels of society . . . every party, every athletic contest, every high school and college reunion, every political and social event.  Alcohol “destroys” lives . . . yet, we “glorify” it. 
      It takes great fortitude and self-control to discuss your personal loss on the airways.  You are, indeed, a rare person. 

      Your “message” this morning should be “aired” ON THE HOUR / EVERY HOUR / EVERY DAY / IN EVERY CLASSROOM particularly during prom season . . . and the “summer” vacation.  

      For a variety of reasons, many parents fail to take the necessary responsibility instructing their children in the dangers of “alcohol and driving.”   Unfortunately, we live in a society where the “federal government takes care of everybody” [or at least that is what some people want] and NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE ANY MORE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL ACTIONS / FAILURES.  

      Remember:  Hillary Clinton wrote:  “It takes a village (to raise a child).”  With a profound liberal attitude and philosophy like that, how will we ever again be able to get people to accept personal responsibility for themselves or their children? 
      Thank you for explaining the circumstances of your tragic personal loss.  There are lawyers “out there” who will continue to try to “get drunk drivers OFF,” saying that that is their duty  to their client, and seeking to prove that “alcohol was not the cause of the accident.”  Justice does not always prevail in injuries and death due to drunk driving.  Hopefully, the legal system will shift in time more closely to the legal and economic plights of those who are injured or their survivors. 

      This nation continues to have a great and grave problem with “DUI.”  Various aspects of society, irresponsible advertising in the media, defense lawyers (“just doing their job”), the “alcohol” lobby in Congress and the all-too complacent populace continue to sweep this problem under the rug . . . UNTIL IT HITS HOME . . . and then it is most tragic.

Keep up the good work on your talk show !!!!! 

Thank you.

Elwood Owens, MD, JD
Florence, South Carolina

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