Earl Capps seeks Lancaster County GOP post

Long time "politico", blogger and activist, Earl Capps, has decided it is time to get back into the mix as an elected member of the Lancaster County GOP. Capps is seeking to become the State Executive Committeeman (State EC) representing Lancaster County. While I long suspected Earl would throw his hat in the ring. I am somewhat surprised he actually did.
A native of the Low-Country, the best way to calculate how long he has been involved in politics is to measure the length of his pony tail. Well, maybe not. Rumor has it he took the tail off the donkey. I mean his head. No pun intended on the use of the word "donkey, because there are some who believe he really is a member of that species.

Capps is somewhat like two sides of a silver dollar.

Heads is politics.  He can be a vicious bulldog. Capps has no mercy when he smells blood. He will go in for the kill! He can and will use everything he knows to bring you down. Then he may take the time to ask a few more questions.

Capps takes politics seriously. He enjoys the game. He has the contacts. He is good at it.

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On the other side of the coin he is one of the most amiable persons I know. If you stay around Capps long enough you will find that under that crocodile facade Earl Capps is really just an ordinary guy. His friends say he is as loyal as man's best friend.  I have seen Capps in social gatherings and I can vouch for the fact he does know how to have fun and enjoys being around people.

I believe ( hope) his recent marriage may have caused him to mellow just a bit.

In this game we call politics, it is an absolute must you have the abilities of a chameleon, the toughness of a piece of jerky, the tenderness of  marsh-mellow and the heart  of the nun Sister Maria. It also helps if you have the knowledge of the Library of Congress and a contact list as long as that held by Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Now, without the cliche's. Will Earl Capps make a good Executive Committeeman for Lancaster County?

Earl Capps can make a very good State EC.

Would I vote for Capps?

I always vote for who I think is the best person for the job; even if it is the lead Horseman.

The only concern, and it is a big one, is will Capps be able to separate his personal feelings from his politics. This can be tough for the most experienced and professional politico.

Between now and the convention it is very likely people will come after Capps. Will he be able to maintain his cool, keep the pit bull chained and his writings civil?

For his sake, as well as, the Lancaster County GOP, I hope so. I know he can, if he will.

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earlcapps said...

It would be true. I did get a haircut. Guess it was time for a change.

Good questions that you raise. Serving on the EC will be a learning experience, but I've served in managerial roles in the private and public sector. I'll have to spend more time doing that and less time playing hardball politics. But like the hair, maybe it's time for something different.

SandyMcG said...

Since Earl has moved to Lancaster County, we have been steadily on the go to build the Lancaster County Republican. The growth and effort has been phenomenal. Affecting City Council's decision on a business license fee, by hitting them with a resolution passed by the executive committee. Hosting County Holiday party attended by statewide officials. Kicking off the SCGOP's statewide Campaign 101 classes... the list just seems to go on and on. Oh and he just moved here in November 2012!