Alison Weir visits South Carolina

I wanted to share the remarks from a gentleman, Stuart Kaufman, who I met about two years ago. Originally from one of those foreign places, New York, New Jersey or one of those other places; His family now lives in South Carolina. Stuart is of the Jewish faith. A frequent visitor to Israel,  has invited my wife and I to visit Israel with him on numerous occasions. Hopefully, some day soon, we will be able to take that trip. About a week ago I received the following from Stuart. I thought I would share his message with you.

I am terribly disappointed. 

On Friday evening, Alison Weir, a vicious anti-Semite, spoke at the College of Charleston

Just to put it in context, she is as vile as it gets. 

Some of us put out the word that people should be there who could challenge her lies. I did not call for a demonstration, but it is my belief, based on the lessons of history (as well as recent political campaigns) that no lie should be permitted to go unanswered. 

However, to my dismay, certain elements in the community counseled against going there. They said that she should just be ignored. 

That is a Diaspora mentality: Keep your head down, and avoid making trouble. This is the attitude so current in contemporary America, that it has become a truism. 

It is WRONG! 

We should have learned by now that if someone attacks you, he should immediately be punched in the face. Then, that person should be put on the ground, kicked in the head, and not be allowed to rise again. If the attack is with words, then the counter should also be verbal, but it should be ceaseless and effective. 

It is my opinion that the Israeli combat discipline, krav maga, is the appropriate concept. It is street fighting. The objective is complete victory. 

You may think that I am being dramatic. After all, Trying to apply that concept to such lowlifes as Alison Weir seems a bit too overwrought. IT ISN'T. 

These people are invited onto college campuses by useful idiots, and are permitted to spread their poison. Meanwhile, the Jewish establishment (and, unfortunately, some of our Christian friends) counsel putting our heads in the sand. That is what happened on Friday night.

It was more of the same. It was the same attitude that was adopted by Jewish "leaders" in, among too many others, Spain, Germany, and now the US.


"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?" /Rabbi Hillel - Scholar and theologian (30 B.C.E. - 9 C.E.)
Stuart Kaufman


Stuart's efforts to have his brethren stand up and oppose the actions and words of those attacking his faith and homeland of his heritage was in vane.  It appears Americans are not the only ones who have difficulty standing up and speaking out to protect their heritage and country. 

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Editor said...

I'm saddened that "Uncle Bill" wasn't able to attend my talk and hear me for himself. I think he would have found me quite different from the "vile" person that his friend describes. You can see me at -- next time I come to South Carolina I would be pleased to meet with Bill personally!

Best wishes,

Alison Weir

Bill Pickle said...

Thanks for the comment. I will watch the video.

Anonymous said...

Alison Weir has been using the same data (from 2002) for years- long after its pull date. Her work has appeared on David Duke's website. (Yes, the KKK's David Duke. That one) She is about as vile as they come