The 2nd Amendment must be protected!

Recently, visions of the OK Corral, High Noon and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre have been dancing around in my head. 

I know it sounds crazy, but I blame my visions on all the hype from the liberal politicians, liberal media and gun haters who are using hysteria, fear tactics and hate in their attempt to dilute the Constitution of the United States.

Every day legal gun owners are being verbally attacked by those who feel the Second Amendment is archaic and should be diluted or repealed.

How many times do we have to hear:  “Well, just how many guns does a person need?” or “How many rounds of ammunition, or high capacity magazines, do you need to protect yourself and your family?”

Oh, this sweet little sentiment really makes me cringe: “Your gun makes me feel uncomfortable. My comfort is more important than your right to bear arms.”

In answer to the first two questions, I do not know how many guns, ammunition or clips anyone needs on any given day. Most days no one needs a gun or ammo.

As for your comfort, too bad!

People who carry legal guns and those who have Concealed Weapons Permits (CWP) are not worried about your comfort. They are worried about their comfort and security and that of their family. They could also be concerned with the security of their business, employees and customers. 

Many times when people talk about gun rights they say something like, “The only gun anyone needs is a hunting rifle or shotgun. That is what the Second Amendment is saying.”


That is not stated or implied in the Second Amendment. Sense it is obvious these people have not read the Constitution of the United States of America, the entire Second Amendment is as follows.

The Second Amendment says: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Emphasis is mine)

I hope it never happens, but someday, every freedom loving American (including gun haters and liberals) may be glad some of us are fighting to protect keep the Second Amendment as is. Someday, hopefully no time soon, the same people will understand why the Constitution of the United States of America must be defended and kept intact.

We should say "May God bless you!" to the citizen patriots and our State and National for officials for taking a stand of support on this very important issue.

We should say "Thank you to our Forefathers for having the insight (and the foresight for need)  to protect the future generations of citizens of these United States of America.

"In a real emergency, which would you prefer?"

 The choice should be yours.                       

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