Two actions: one right, one wrong. Two different events.

As a conservative, I have to admit I enjoy the “pomp and circumstance” we experience during the first event, the Presidential Inauguration. I know it takes a lot of money to put on such a show; however,   in my opinion it is worth it.
Crowd on the Mall
Crowd on the Mall
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As mandated by the Constitution of the United States we have a Presidential election every four years. This is not by chance. It is by design.

Every four years we have the opportunity to have a change in the leadership of this great land. Sometimes there is actual change in the form of a different person. Sometimes the same person gets to continue doing a good job. Other times, like this year, the existing POTUS (President of the United States) is given another chance.

Politics aside, I like Presidential Inaugurations events because they show me the system still works!
No military coops. No soldiers standing around ballot boxes with real “assault weapons” to make sure you vote the right way. No bodies littering the streets or blown up buildings.

Whether you like the President Whoever, or you get sick just mentioning his name, what we witness during the Presidential Inauguration is a peaceful transfer in leadership of the greatest country this world has ever seen, the United States of America.

What I did not like about this year’s events is the so called Inaugural Address. It was wrong.
President Obama’s speech was the most liberal, agitating and ridiculous “campaign speech” I have ever heard. Obama virtually declared war on the Constitution, conservatives (took dead aim at Republicans) and made it quite clear he believes himself to be Emperor of America.

The second event took place this past Wednesday with the extension of the “debt ceiling”. Under the circumstances, I think it was the right thing to do.
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I believe the extension was inevitable. POTUS Obama has yet to see a budget. Newborns have come into this world and have entered pre-school during the time the United States of America, the “Financial Capital of the World” has seen its’ last budget!

Wednesday, before the vote by Congress, I spent some time with Congressman Tom Rice talking about this issue.

During our conversation, the Congressman indicated the South Carolina Delegation was considering the debt ceiling extension if the POTUS and Senate would agree to certain items:

1)      The Senate would present a legitimate budget to the House within the 90 day extension period
2)      The Administration would use its influence to encourage such a budget and be willing to look at real cuts
3)      The salaries of all Congressman and Senators would be put in escrow until such time a budget is present and passed if the ninety-day extension passes without action.

I am also giving this event a wrong because everyone has been given way too much time to get the budget issue and the debt ceiling resolved.  I do admit, even though I think it was wrong, it was the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Now, if the Senate and the POTUS fail to honor their agreements, “Katy bar the door!” If in ninety days we remain having our nose pushed against this brick wall we call a stalemate, we will be in for a real political battle.

I pray we get the issue resolved.

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