Ferguson, Missouri…a town of losers

Every time a so called “protest in honor of John Doe” or “protest for justice” takes place nothing is gained by anyone and there is no resolution to the initial problem.

Well, that is not exactly true. There are a few winners.

The winners are the goons, idiots and criminals that take advantage of an incident to ravage their own neighborhoods and businesses. Some win by taking all the bottles of wine they can carry once they breakdown the door or throw something thru the plate-glass windows. Others may take food, cigarettes, beer or drugs. 

Others share in the glory of the event by throwing Molotov cocktails (bottles full of flammable material such as gasoline with rags stuck in as a fuse) thru automobile, store and occasional home windows. 

 The super winners get bonus points if they burn a police car.

The super-duper winners get electronics such as computers, expensive earphones or a 55”-80” Super HD TV.

Other winners included the mainstream media and cable networks. For weeks following events such as those in Ferguson, every media outlet will be giving the latest up to the minute "news" on the situation.

The truth is more gruesome.

There are many more losers than winners in events like Ferguson. What happens to the small businesspersons who lose their shops and inventory, their livelihood?  What happens when the business owner's home is a loft above the store? What happens when an innocent bystander is injured or killed?

Every person in the neighborhood and city loses in these events. Homes are lost, injuries are suffered, businesses supporting the neighborhoods suffer loses and the citizens lose items they need for everyday living.

Public officials (including the police force and fire departments) lose the respect and trust of the citizenry.

Truth and justice are very seldom experienced during or after these events. The previous mentioned goons, idiots and criminals are never apprehended and punished. Information from the authorities is whitewashed and/or delayed. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is never heard.

Perhaps the biggest loser is America’s struggle to improve our racial divisions. 

Events like Ferguson, Trevon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Manuel Loggins Jr,   Sean Bell,  Ramarley Graham,  Eric Garner and others remind America and the rest of the world that we are not perfect. 

Events like these remind us all that we still have a long way to go in providing “Truth and Justice for all"…, including all of the losers in Ferguson.

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(Not all photos are from Ferguson. Stock photos used fro demontration only)