The Political Black Ops Society of America

I received this message from  a follower on a social media site. I wish to thank her for taking time to ask this question. I also wish to thank her for asking my opinion. Oh, one more thing... Debbie, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it...LOL:

 I have a question my friend, and hope you know the answer. Who calls the "shots" in the Republican Party.. seems that don't really care what the people want, except our money...(somtimes to me) ... but, who decided to make Trump sign the pledge or he could not run Republican.. and then I heard Speaker of the House, say, the Republican Party told them Not to buck Obama... or I think that is what he said.. so, it got me to wondering.. WHO is this Person, that is running the Republican Party!

 I am so afraid you will not like my answer. Others may just get really PO'd with my comments. Oh, well. It will not be the first or the last time. 

In my humble opinion we have no "leadership" at this point and time. 

Yes, we have elected "leadership" within the GOP organization. Yes, we have the "leadership" positions in the House and Senate. Yes, we 
have "leadership" positions filled in the State and County organizations. However, we have little to no LEADERS. 

We seem to have a wussification of want-to-be leaders. 

The Wuzzified Political Party Leaders

The problem is leaders must have a backbone. Leaders must be able to analyze issues and put teams together to come up with not one, but varied options (believe it are not very few problems and issues have 100% straight forward solutions). Leaders must be willing to stand firm on principles flexible on solutions. 

Leaders and followers need to understand even our Founding Fathers had to work together to come with the document called "The Great Compromise" aka the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Leaders must not allow themselves to be bamboozled by the extremists on either end of the rope attempting to be the
 King of the Hill. They need to realize the majority of the people lie between the hands on either end of the rope. 

Leaders must resist what many feel is the "Root of all evil?" Organizations, groups, Parties are too easily bought off by the rich and powerful. 

All this to say there should be no pledges blackmailing candidates. The only pledges they should make is to listen to all of the people, use common sense when deliberating their choices and actions and use the Constitution of the United States as their Manual of Duties and Leadership.

Whose calling the shots? 

Look at the paper currency and coins in your wallet or purse. It is not the faces you see on the currency. It is not their legacy. Those in control are the faces of those who have the currency, the connections and the power the currency buys. 

I have a name I call this group, The Political Black Ops Society of America.

Bill Pickle

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What are you waiting for? Get involved!

Lobbying Team
Drew McKissick, a long time friend of mine, wrote the following and shared it with me. I immediately contacted him and said, "Drew, this is so simple even I an understand what you are saying. May, I share it with with others?" 
Obviously, he said yes. Folks, this is not rocket science...yet, too many people try their best to make getting involved so difficult.

Enjoy and share....

Basic Grassroots Lobbying

No matter how involved you may become in the political process, every citizen – in the serious sense of that word – should know how to lobby their government. (Don’t forget that it IS a Constitutional right, after all)
Knowing how to effectively lobby – and actually doing so – is what gives conservatives a voice in the development of public policy.
It’s not enough to show up at the ballot box every few years and elect some people to office. You’ve got to keep an eye on them once they get in, (even the one’s you may be friends with). Then let them hear from you when necessary.
That’s the essence of grassroots lobbying.
But how can you be more effective in the process? There are some fundamentals when it comes to being effective in politics, and one of them is to multiply and organize your efforts.

Effective grassroots lobbying is a team effort

In any team sport, the players are supposed to work according to their individual responsibilities for the overall benefit of the team. The better they work together, the more likely they are to reach their goal – winning. You have to know the rules, the positions, and the key players.
At the same time, a winning team needs to be strategic in its overall game plan and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition as well as their own.
Whether in grassroots lobbying or actual campaign politics, “the game” is pretty much the same.
You don’t have to pay too much attention to the way things are going to know that it’s more important than ever before that conservatives build winning “teams” of players at the local level to offer support to public officials in advancing public policy, or to bring heat when it’s necessary.
All the more reason for you to either join a local grassroots lobbying team or start one of your own.
Instead of complaining, make a point to reach out to some people who think like you do today and get started.
What's stopping you?
Drew McKissick,
Have a great day, Folks.
Bill Pickle
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Preserve history by creating a future

Over the past several years we have witnessed a wave of destruction, disfigurement, removal and things being changed that should be left alone. Most of these activities are done in the effort to destroy or change history. Others are misguided actions to correct a wrong.

I propose all of the described actions are foolish and selfish.

In the Middle East we have ISIS destroying temples, monuments, art and historic documents. In Ancient Egypt we saw the invading Romans and many other invaders disfiguring the ancient temples, pyramids and grand sculptures.  

In the New World, beginning with the very first settlement the “palefaces” began destroying the culture of those were occupying North, Central and South America. Entire nations and tribes we obliterated; their ancient construction, religions, traditions and people all but removed from this earth.

Today we have another misguided effort to do the same as those before them. This time around Americans are attempting to repeat the atrocities of those before us.

I understand the Confederate Flag insults some people. There is a push to rename everything related to the War Between the States. There are groups wanting to “Tear that monument. It reminds me bad times.”

The City of Florence, SC is facing another challenge to those who wish to take advantage of the moment. They wish to change the Dedication Plaque on the World War I monument that is likely to be moved to their beautiful Veteran’s Park

The Florence Veterans Park Board was ordered by the City Council to have a public hearing and to make a recommendation to the City Council whether the plague bearing the names of Florentine's who were killed in World War 1 would remain on the Memorial, be changed or have an additional plaque explaining why the first is offensive. 

Why? Because the dead were listed as Officers, White Enlisted, Colored Enlisted.

Plaque honoring those who died from Florence, SC in WW1
This is ridiculous!

Once again the supposed offended are wanting to wash history down the drain. Changing the plaque will do nothing in changing history. Changing the plague to simply list “All Enlisted Who Died…Will not change a thing. All that will change is the way a person’s name is listed.

People, Black, White, Pink, Polka Dotted or whatever, get a life.

Leave history alone. Let continue honoring our heroes without regards to their race, color creed, the color of their uniform or if they were slave owners. In the 1920’s I would be willing to bet all citizens of Florence, South Carolina were proud to see their loved ones listed on the plaque with their fellow brethren.

We need to take history as it is and use it as learning experiences. Show all adults and children the Monument(s) and other relics explaining to them what happened, why their names are on the plaque and why the names are segregated.

We have come a long way in accepting all people for who they are. We have come a long way in becoming one community. One State. One Nation.

We still have a long way to go.

Let us do it together.

Let us change our present and our future.

Let us not change or destroy our past.

Bill Pickle

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Review of a day neck deep in politicians, prejudice, games and good people


Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" as we review twelve hours of nonstop politics. From 7:30AM-7:30PM one meeting after the other, one interview after the other, speaking at public hearings and an attempt to safe a piece of history. Highways, byways, bridges, monuments, gas taxes, toll booths, user taxes, ethics, education and more.

Don't know what hurts the most my throat, my ears or my butt.

Image result for Photos of bad bridges and roads in SC

Image result for Photos of bad bridges and roads in SC

Image result for Photos of bad bridges and roads in SC

Florence WWI Monument

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Illegal Aliens and boats have something in anchor

Program Time: 8AM-10AM EST

Nothing can expose people's feelings about the illegal alien issue any faster than the topic of Anchor Babies.  Obviously, the candidates for President of the United States of America realize this is a hot topic and are hitting the circuit talking about what they will do about this issue when they become President. I wonder if they have ever heard of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution?

Image result for photo of illegals with babies

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Just another issue that needs to be solved if we are going to escape from the proverbial pickle barrel.

Hope you will join us in our discussion.


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Trump vs Trump and everyone else

Since my first involvement in the political world I cannot remember anyone getting the media, the general public and both of the major political parties so, let’s say excited. I have to ask for help in understanding why all the commotion?

Why are people getting upset and jumping all over, even condemning, the one person who is saying things many of us want to say or at least have asked ourselves? Every one of us know “The Don” is a flamboyant, boisterous, in your face, brutal showman. There is no doubt he can be rude, crude and distasteful.


However, with all that said, I like Donald Trump.

I’m not saying if he were to win the election he would be the greatest President ever to sit in the White House. I am not saying I would or would not support “the man with the hair”.

 What I am saying is I like his flare. I like the fact he is not soft spoken. I like that he is not concerned about being politically correct at all times. Most of all, I like that by his words and actions he is making the rest of the political world take stock that someone is willing to speak up about the lack of true leadership and positive results that have plagued all political arenas for decades.

 Trump has proven there is a streak of being a human within him. He has made several remarks that did not come out in the right way. Like all of us, he has opened his mouth without thinking and said things that just were not right. When the spout is open sometimes it is hard to shut.

When that happens Trump and the rest of us have to do damage control while the media and those who look for reasons to pounce on our ever slip of the tongue make us look like lepers and sound like squealing hogs being prepped for the smoker.

 Trump has provided entertainment we would have never enjoyed if he was not in the race. Have any of you ever seen Senator Lindsey Graham do slapstick comedy as he did while destroying his antique cellphone? Don’t forget all the new hair jokes, political cartoons and social media discussions.

Trump made many people realize that although someone can be a hero (heroic deeds and actions can never be taken away) but, there comes a time when current actions, or in-actions, must be examined. 

We also know many people who have entered into this country from all over the world. Many are criminals and guilty of all kinds of atrocities. We also know many more legal and illegals have come into this country looking for the same things our ancestors were seeking: personal liberties, freedom of religion, opportunities and more.

 Let’s be honest and accept the fact that all of us have been waiting for someone to shake up the system. What’s that saying, “Be careful about what you wish for. It may just come true.”

Thank you for joining me "In the Pickle Barrel".

Bill Pickle

You can also join me each Monday-Friday morning on alternative radio from 8AM-10AM EST at Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss politics and issues that concern all citizens.