Will Breazeale announces his run for the SC House 63 seat

Florence resident, Airline Pilot, 3 time Iraq War Combat Veteran (Bronze Star) and seminary graduate Will Breazeale joined me this morning in announcing his bid for the State House District 63 Seat live "In the Pickle Barrel". 
Breazeale has experienced an interesting but controversial past. Many of these issues were discussed in this interview in hopes of getting out of "The Pickle Barrel" and into the State House Chamber.  
District 63 has experienced some turnover in the past twelve months with the resignation of Dr. Kris Crawford and the special election of local attorney Jay Jordan.
While I invite you will listen to the entire program (the first 40 minutes handled by my good friend David Meola of American Patriot Radio Network) the interview with Breazeale begins at the 41:36 mark. Click the following link to jump "In the Pickle Barrel' as Breazeale and I sit down to discuss his past, the present and the future. 
Get to know the candidates before casting your vote.
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Forget what I think. You tell me who the nominees will be

Multiple times a day I am asked to "predict" who will be the Democrat and GOP nominees for the 2016 Primary Election. Between you and me, if I knew I would be placing bets in VEGAS!
That being said, I would like to know who you think will be in the Primary Races, both Democrat and GOP. Also, why do you think they will beat out all the others.

Your predictions will be shared (your name will not be announced) on my internet show "In the Pickle Barrel" on Friday, November 13th between 8AM-10AM EDT.

In addition, list the top 5-10 issues that concern you most beginning with #1 as you major concern.

I look forward to your input and hope you will join the program either in the online Chat Room or by call in to the program.

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Hope to see you "In the Pickle Barrel". Maybe together we can figure a way out.


You can also join me each Monday-Friday morning on alternative radio from 8AM-10AM EDT by jumping "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss politics and issues that concern all citizens.  

When will a Congressional officer endorse a person of color for Congress?

From time-to-time Guest Columnist are invited to share their comments with us "In the Pickle Barrel". Guest comments do not necessarily reflect my opinions or political pursuations. I support the sharing of ideas and opinions from across all political and social beliefs. I believe by listening to each other is the best way to understand our problems and likenesses. You can also join me each Monday-Friday morning on alternative radio from 8AM-10AM EDT by jumping "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss politics and issues that concern all citizens.  

Jordan Thomas Cooper is a 2015 graduate of the University of South Carolina and a 2010 graduate of the Real Estate School of Success in Irmo. Jordan is the first African-American to serve in both the governor and lieutenant governor’s office as an aide in South Carolina and youngest to serve in that respect for the nation (Haley/Bauer). Jordan was the youngest black staffer for a gubernatorial campaign in American history (Jindal 2003) and first to serve in the Inspector General’s Office in S.C. (Haley).  He served as the first African-American GOP statewide youth chairman for a presidential campaign and as the first black staffer on a GOP presidential campaign in S.C. (Perry 2011) He also played football for Coach Steve Spurrier. 

Before I share my thoughts I wish to thank Bill Pickle, aka Uncle Bill to many of his fans, for letting me share the following words "In the Pickle Barrel".

In South Carolina our constitutional officers have backed segregationists. In South Carolina our constitutional officers have backed people that happen to be members of private social clubs that don't have a drip of color in their membership. 

In South Carolina our constitutional officers backed a Buddhist Christian who was the first constitutional officer from South Carolina to endorse a ethnic minority for statewide office. The endorser was Gov. Mark Sanford and the person benefiting from the endorsement was then SC State Rep. Tim Scott when he was in the talks for State Treasurer. 

It appears that not one state constitutional officer or congressman has ever backed a person of color for federally elected office. It's time to give a ethnic minority a chance and make a change that can uplift others in South Carolina. 

Regarding this, Gov. Jeb Bush wrote down on a Miami-Dade county voter registration card that his ethnicity is Hispanic. That could be true for a collection of premises. Jeb grew up in heavily Hispanic populated Texas and Connecticut. Then, he studied Latin American Studies at UT-Austin and married a Mexican American. Plus, he's fluent in Spanish and could be a Spanish translator for one of our government agencies. So, he does fit moderately into the category of being a Hispanic ethnically. That meaning he shares a common nationality or cultural traditions with other Hispanics. He definitely isn't Hispanic racially since he doesn't have the physical characteristics of being in the Hispanic race.

On another note, will any of our statewide constitutional officers or federal officers endorse a Hispanic candidate for statewide or federal office? I don't know because I haven't seen it yet and it hasn't happened on record. U.S. Senator Tim Scott wasn't endorsed for his election to congress or the US senate in SC by any of our statewide constitutional officers or federal officers. 

I think if any of the aforementioned people support Jeb Bush it has to be because of his record and not who he ethnically identifies with as it should be. It would surely be a significant historic moment for some of our congressmen and statewide constitutional officers to back their first ethnic minority for federal office. People can absolutely see the possible reward from backing Jeb due to his political pedigree, but that shouldn't take away from acknowledging the historical takeaways. 

Jordan Thomas
Guest Columnist

A debate of highs and lows. Who won/lose? Ryan to become Speaker

Who won and loss in the CNBC Presidential Debate? There was one huge loser who should have been escorted out of the room (Hint: it was not a Republican). 
As for the winner? There was more than one; however, there was only one standout. 
Where do the candidates go from here? 
Will any of the candidates drop out of the race after the debate? 
What are "The People" saying about the debate performances? 
Paul Ryan will be the next Speaker of the House. 
These topics and more to be discussed as we gather "In the Pickle Barrel".

Round 3 on the GOP Debate . Could this be the knockout round? Cop vs Student

Many expect tonight's third GOP Presidential Debate to be the most exciting. In one corner is The Don. In the opposite corner are The Others. 
Odds makers are giving The Others a win by a knockout! Hmm? How would you bet on this fight? 

Monday's fight in South Carolina (Student vs Police Officer) did not go well for either contender. However, it stole a lot of attention from the GOP Debate over the past two days.Image result for Photo of Police yanking student

 I got caught in a lot of discussions concerning this fight while doing my duty at the County Courthouse. 

The discussions will continue today "In the Pickle Barrel".



Is the end near for JEB? Will Marco Rubio really leave DC? Trump going down?

Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" with us this morning and share your opinions on topics of discussion or bring your own topic.


Signs are mounting Jeb Bush's presidential campaign is struggling. There appears to be a shortage of cash and support from the GOP base. However, there has been no shortage of verbal oopsies which have contributed to the ex-Governor's problems.

Is Marco Rubio playing a strong poker hand or being childish by hinting "It's all or nothing"?

Are sliding poll numbers a signal The Trump is losing stock with the GOP base?

Just a few of the thing we will be discussing today "In the Pickle Barrel".