On Being Politically Correct

A few days ago I received an EMAIL from some who said sometimes I have not been politically correct when I addressed certain issues.  
Well, I guess I’ll have to agree with that statement.  I try to be polite and thoughtful. But the truth is I don’t worry about being politically correct. 
There was a time speaking your mind, sharing the truth, calling out someone who is a flat out liar, a thief, an opportunist, a scumbag, a pervert or whatever was considered a trait of the torchbearer of truth. 
Whatever happened to the time you could say the truth, share your opinion, or ask a question without having to worry about the ramifications of the ACLU,  skin-heads, various  ethnic groups, religious groups, animal lovers, animal haters, or a host of other people and groups including politicos and politicians. 
These days you have to worry about gang retaliation, crooked politicians and politicos with “contacts and friends in high places”, terrorists and our own government officials and courts when you dare speak out. 
People now sit on two different sides of the fence on this issue. 
On one side, they don’t like you for telling the truth, making commentary or asking questions, especially if it concerns them. It’s okay for them to say what they want to say, do what they want to, but don’t you respond with an honest opinion or disagree with them or their actions.  
The other side feels they are being run over, mistreated, falsely described as takers, moochers, lazy, dishonest, or a host of other adjectives that they consider demeaning even if it describes them to a T. 
I have personally been threatened and warned to back off or to be careful more than once in my career as an outspoken individual, news-talk host, columnist and political blogger. I have somewhat worried about this on a couple of occasions, but not for very long. 
I read a story over the weekend by Phil Valentine, a well know colleague in this industry,  which said, “It’s one thing to fear for your life in the midst of radicals who would just as soon slit your throat as look at you, but here in America?”  
Phil Vaentine went on to say, he’s “often joked that the only two groups we in talk radio can get away with offending are the deaf and the Amish.  
Now there is an offense from which you may never come back and that is offending a Muslim "terrorist" (referring to the whole paper tiger of a movie, Innocence of Muslims thing),” which started out being an excuse – a scapegoat – but has now become its own cause against the infidels.  
I’ll tell you this right now and without any remorse, Bill Pickle believes in the Constitution of the United States and the First Amendment, as well as every other part of that document. I also believe in the Constitutions of our great States. 
Those of us whose whole existence hangs by the time-worn threads of the First Amendment naturally, whether it be news-talk radio host, political bloggers, TV reporters, columnists, or whoever else who works to get to the truth and to protect our rights should throw a fit and yell from the highest point in their area when anyone gets too close to its fragile framework. 
Recently, in my humble opinion, there have been many instances of domestic terrorism right here in South Carolina. Right here in the Pee Dee and Florence. 
The way I see it terrorism’s target is not kill people for the sake of killing.  It’s to change behavior.  It’s to change policy.  It’s to force whole societies to relinquish long-held standards of freedom in order to comply with the radical wishes of the terrorists.  And South Carolina and America has complied. 
There have been those who have obstructed the rights of individuals to run for public office. In turn they have prevented the citizens of South Carolina and Florentines in this city and county the right to vote for the person of their choice to hold various offices. Elections everywhere are under attack.
There are those who have used the courts as a huge chess set to stop the advancement of people who wish to serve our community and state and the courts have gone along with these terrorists. 
There are those telling straight out lies and half-truths as they seek to political office so they can serve us (as they try to get us to believe). 
In my humble opinion, these people are the ones who are currently attacking our rights to have free and open elections.  They are the terrorists who are attacking our right rights to vote free and open elections. They are the ones trying to prevent our rights of free speech and expression. 
On the national front, when our president publicly apologizes for a movie he has never even seen and he asks YouTube to review and remove the trailers of a movie critical of Islam, we’ve lost free speech. 
I admit I have never seen the trailers, nor the movie. But I don’t have to, nor do I want to. That too is my right. Therefore, I say the current POTUS is also trying to block, or take away our rights as citizens of this great country.  
But, at the end of the day, who cares?  So what if comments of a few news-talk hosts, journalists, voters and want-to-be candidates are taken away or threatened? What does it really matter?
It matters to me and it means a lot! 
We want to enjoy the luxury of our freedoms but, unlike our founders, we are no longer willing to sacrifice, fight or die for them.  Which begs the question... 
"Do we really deserve them?"

You and I can only answer these questions for ourselves. 
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Shouldn't We Do Our Part

All across this great nation people have given well deserved praise to the thousands who braved the cold in the 43rd annual March for Life in Washington, DC.  Like many others I believe that life is a precious gift from God; but, I realize that life for unwanted children is not always precious.

For some classic examples let us look back at the Texas  mother who drowned her children in a bathtub and the SouthCarolina woman who drowned her children in a lake.  How about the fatherwho slammed the infant against the living room wall? Or the many infants and children who are beaten reviving broken bones and fracture skills? Were those children wanted? Did those women and fathers want to be parents?

One can say these "parents" had some form of mental illness or depression. Perhaps they were under a lot of stress. It is possible some other mind altering issue existed.  Whatever the cause of their actions, their children became part of a statistical number.

State laws vary on laws regarding abuse and neglect. Several States (South Carolina being one) will get involved if a newborn has illegal drugs detected in its system. Other States take action if a parent abuses a child at one week, one month, or one or more years of age.

In either situation the child may be placed in protective custody and/or foster care, and the parent could be prosecuted.  Therefore, why force a woman who does not want to be a mother to have a child she does not want?

To God and pro-lifers like me, the fetus becomes a human life at conception; to recreational sex partners, the fetus is an unwanted mistake. If inadvertent egg and sperm donors utilize abortion to eliminate a precious fetus, will they love, cherish and nurture the precious infant who they really do not want?

As a compassionate Nation committed to defending the most vulnerable among us and fighting for the millions of children who were not given their God given right to life we have a moral obligation to be a voice for those who are not given the opportunity to speak.
Image result for photo of unborn child
Like a fetus in the womb, an infant cannot report abuse if necessary. Unlike an infant born into this world, an unborn fetus is sinless and therefore spiritually home-free.

Whatever your conscious tells you about the abortion issue I want you to also consider the children not aborted. Should we as compassionate individuals and/or parents do everything possible to eliminate the abuse and neglect of innocent children? Should we be willing to support orphanages and/or open up our homes for the unwanted, abused and neglected children who were willingly given birth?

How about the children who may have been aborted by unwilling parents? After all, can we expect irresponsible sex partners to be responsible parents?

Each of us have an opportunity to render support and love for these children. Each of us should consider getting involved in making sure these children are given a chance by volunteering to become fosterparents, Big Brothers or Big Sisters. Becoming adoptive parents is another commitment of love and compassion.

Another way you can help and be part of the solution, volunteer to become a Guardian ad LITEM working thru the courts to help those in need. 

Be someone who can speak on behalf of a child's needs and desires.
Part of caring is taking action.

Bill Pickle

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Obama: Trojan Horse?

Editor's note: Eddie McCain is a former Army Calvary Scout and recruiter. Eddie is currently in the security industry. It is an honor to have people of integrity and devotion to our liberties and the United States of America join us "In the Pickle Barrel". Read Eddie's words and you decide for yourself where "We the people of the United States..."are standing today.

Obama: "Trojan Horse"

Do you remember the story of the Trojan Horse, a tale of how the Greek army, after 10 years of trying to concur the city of Troy, built a huge wooden horse? They left the horse outside the gate of Troy and pretended to sail away. The Trojans pulled the horse inside the gates of their great city accepting it as a victory trophy.

What the Trojans did not know was that the Greeks hid soldiers inside the great wooden horse. When night came, the Greeks climbed out of the horse, opened the gate to Troy allowing the Greek army inside. The Greek army entered and did what they had not been able to do for ten years, destroy the City of Troy.
"Welcome, come in and do your thing."
Enemies of the United States are being allowed inside our gates. We all know radical Muslims have declared war on us. We just watched as radical Muslims murdered hundreds in Paris, France. What was President Obama’s comment  in regard to this attack on the innocent people of Paris? "What happened in Paris”, said President Obama, “was an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

What are these 'universal values' that we all share? Among 1.6 billion Muslims, hundreds of millions do not share our values regarding women’s rights, free speech, or the equality of all religious faiths. Does Saudi Arabia share Obama’s views and values regarding sexual freedom and the equality of Christianity, Judaism and Islam? 

Is anything like our First Amendment in practice across the Sunni or Shiite world?

We have watched radical Muslims, a man and wife, enter the work building of husband Syed Farook with assault rifles and murder 14 and wound over 20 people who were his coworkers. I watched a CBS interview of a man who shared a work cubical with Syed Farook for five years! This man said Syed was a very nice man and that coworkers had recently taken up money and had a baby shower for Syeds wife, Tashfeen Malik.
Image result for photos of Syed Farook
Poor misunderstood Syed Farook & Tashfeen Malik
There was never even a hint these two Muslims were radical. The police found constructed pipe bombs and various assault weapons and ammo in their home.

They were on a mission to kill and he was able to work and live among their chosen victims for years, talking, laughing, and accepting gifts at a baby shower provided by coworkers. If a Muslim couple, with a 6 month old baby, has a perfectly clean record and has not displayed any evidence of ties to terrorist groups, how do we detect that all of a sudden they are going to drop their baby off with grandparents, put on body armor and go shoot up the husbands work place? You can’t detect this type of evil! It is evils perfect storm!

I know that the United States is currently a super power. By any matter, military, economics or science, the Islamic countries compared to the United States, are very weak.

But, what the Islamist do have is this: if they can reach the United States and are willing to give up their lives for Allah, and can learn how to fire an AK-47, build pipe bombs and construct a suicide vest, they can terrify people by slaughtering dozens or hundreds of us per terrorist attack. If they can get  their hands on a smart bomb or dirty bomb, they could murder thousands  of us!

The strength of the Islamist militants, those willing to behead infidels and attach a suicide vest, lies in our President who refuses to even acknowledge the evilness of Sharia Law and radical Islam.

You won’t fight who is not your enemy! 

While radical Islam is our enemy they are not an enemy of President Obama. Many say President Obama is not Muslim because he does not adhere to Muslim laws and practices such as not drinking alcohol. Neither did the radical Muslims who flew planes into the Twin Towers in New York. The week prior to their attack, they were
partying in strip clubs getting lap dances from naked girls and drinking alcohol!

When it comes to destroying infidels for Allah, they can lie as well as live a life that fools people from recognizing who they truly are. They are wolves in sheep clothing, all in the name of Allah!
Image result for Photo blindfolded politicians
"Obama will never see a terrorist come into this country."
We have already experienced other radical Muslim terrorist attacks here at home. The San Bernardino attack was not the first attack.

A radical Muslim name Nidal Hasan fooled his way into a achieving the rank of Major in our United States Army! While shouting “Allahu Akbar” he shot and killed 13 soldiers sitting in a medical office waiting room! President Obama referred to this a “work place violence”!

Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, firing a AK47, shot up a Marine/Navy Recruiting office in Chattanooga, Tennessee killing four Marines!

Alton Alexander Nolen cut of the head of a female coworker in Oklahoma
because she refused to convert to Islam.

Two radical Islamic brothers, Tamerian and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, blew up the Boston Marathon killing three people and injuring 280.
Our southern border with Mexico has never been secured. Millions cross into the United States each year illegally who we have no clue who they are. Most, I’m sure are Mexicans looking for work but how many have been radical Muslims fooling their way into the United States in order to one day participate in terrorist acts against us?
Image result for Photo people crossing mexican texas border
"We have illegal aliens issue under control. Trust me."
Do you ever wonder why our government says it has to spy on all of us through monitoring our phone calls, bank accounts and Internet activity in order to prevent terrorist attacks yet has basically left our border with Mexico wide open?

I wonder about this all of the time!

Today we are dealing with hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees with no place to go. Many have fled Syria, running from ISIS. Their neighboring Islamic countries refuse to accept them. Our president wants to bring many of the Syrian refugees here.

Here is the problem: Due to the three year war in Syria, most of the refugees’ vital documents like birth certificates have been destroyed. Many personal references for security checks are refugees themselves or at least no longer live at their last known address.

The FBI says it will be just about impossible to verify who these refugees are.
Image result for Photo syrians crossing borders
"Whoa! I thought everyone entering the USA be screened."
The danger is we don’t know who is a radical Muslim with intent to fool their way into the United States in order to one day participate in terrorist acts against us. We would not know this even if we could run back ground checks.

We just saw this in San Bernardino! President Obama knows we cannot do verifications on these refugees. Yet he is fighting, as if his life depended on it, to force our states to accept undocumented and non-verifiable Muslims.

Obama knows radical Islam has declared war on the United States. He knows they want to come to the United States in order to commit terrorist acts. He refuses to denounce radical Islam or even mention the words radical Islam.

Our Republican and Democratic Parties will probably work with President Obama and one way or another, the refugees will be coming here. It does not matter if the majority of us do not want them here. Having them here is in the best interest of President Obama who, from day one of his presidency, has striven to destroy the United States economically and culturally.

Sad to say but the one political party who could have prevented this. The Republican Party has worked hard to give Obama just about every globalist, unAmerican, unconstitutional legislation he has wanted!

Just check their voting record!

Military guards walk within the Camp Delta military-run detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  AP
"We don't need to guard against terrorist. We'll just bring them in."
We the People have not had anyone on our side. We have had to just sit and watch as our government surrenders our American sovereignty to globalist corporations through un-American Trade Legislation, escalates our debt to almost $20 Trillion, continually spy on all of us, violating our Constitution and now, right before our eyes, government will soon bring our enemy, who has declared war on us infidels, into our neighborhoods.

And, our government wants to give each refugee $2000 when they arrive and pay for their housing and job training (college, vo-tech) for five years. This is money coming from our labor that will be financing our enemy. Could President Obama be a “Trojan Horse” whom our country is being destroyed through? Who would have thought that our President would, in political disguise, seek to destroy the United States?

Who would have thought Greek Soldiers were hiding in the wooden horse, Troy’s trophy of victory, and would climb out, open the gates of Troy allowing the Greek Army to enter and destroy Troy?

We are living in evil times!

 Eddie McCain

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Complaints newspaper has too many "Left supporting" cartoons

On December 6, 2015 Don Kausler, Jr, Editor of the Morning News (Florence, SC), wrote an opinion piece asking a very simple question: Has political correctness reached an extreme?

 When I first looked at the headline I was expecting to read about some university, public school or judge forbidding the display of the Nativity Scene, a flag or perhaps some gender offensive words such as “female soldier”.

Image result for Photo of Don Kausler, Jr.
Don KAusler, Jr.
Well, was I wrong!

Someone had written a Letter to the Editor complaining there have been an excessively unbalanced number of liberal leaning political cartoons finding their way into the pages of the newspaper. The letter went on to say readers of the Morning News were either considering canceling or had canceled their subscription because of this atrocity.

My response to this unfair and unbalanced number of cartoons was such my wife thought I was having a heart attack and almost called an ambulance. As the young folks use to say, NOT!

I am somewhat recognized as a Conservative, Righty, Sarcastic Writer and Loud Mouth Talk Show Host. (I would like to take some personal space at this time and say, thank you. I try to earn those titles).

I also wish to say thank you to Don Kausler, Jr and the Morning News for displaying political cartoons of all flavors whether they be lefty or righty in nature.

I want to tell Don Kausler, Jr and the staff of the Morning News to remember their publication is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America and they can and should be the ones to determine what goes on the pages of the publication.

Do I like there is an “unbalanced” number of cartoons and writings? It does not bother me at all. You see, I look at is education. Whatever is published is information you and I can take, digest and learn more about how people feel and relate to the political arena. We are all affected by the politics of today. Right or Left. Liberal or Conservative. RINO or DINO.

More importantly is the fact that in this country we have a free press. We have the right to publish, read and talk about whatever and whoever we wish. We can draw cartoons to express our thoughts and emphasize our anger or support.

All through history we have seen countries and empires fall to Dictators and Thugs. In every instance the freedom of speech, expression and the press are forbidden and shut down. In some cases they continue to exist but are forced to have content supporting the regime. These atrocities take place today around the globe.

I want to encourage Don Kausler, Jr, the Morning News, freelancers and all folks willing to share information and cartoons, regardless of political persuasions. Remember you have the right to use your recycled ink and paper (which rubs off on my hands and sofa) as you wish.

Mr. Kausler, also remember your readership has the right to read your publication or use it as bird cage liner. I have used it quite often to protect things when I paint the interior of the house or potting plants. I use it as mulch, to start fires in smoker and to protect my carport floor when changing the oil in Little Red. It has always been read beforehand.

PS – Mr Don Kausler Jr, it wouldn’t bother me any if there were just a few more “Right Leaning” stuff (just couldn’t help myself). Merry Christmas!

Bill Pickle

Will Breazeale announces his run for the SC House 63 seat

Florence resident, Airline Pilot, 3 time Iraq War Combat Veteran (Bronze Star) and seminary graduate Will Breazeale joined me this morning in announcing his bid for the State House District 63 Seat live "In the Pickle Barrel". 
Breazeale has experienced an interesting but controversial past. Many of these issues were discussed in this interview in hopes of getting out of "The Pickle Barrel" and into the State House Chamber.  
District 63 has experienced some turnover in the past twelve months with the resignation of Dr. Kris Crawford and the special election of local attorney Jay Jordan.
While I invite you will listen to the entire program (the first 40 minutes handled by my good friend David Meola of American Patriot Radio Network) the interview with Breazeale begins at the 41:36 mark. Click the following link to jump "In the Pickle Barrel' as Breazeale and I sit down to discuss his past, the present and the future. 
Get to know the candidates before casting your vote.
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Forget what I think. You tell me who the nominees will be

Multiple times a day I am asked to "predict" who will be the Democrat and GOP nominees for the 2016 Primary Election. Between you and me, if I knew I would be placing bets in VEGAS!
That being said, I would like to know who you think will be in the Primary Races, both Democrat and GOP. Also, why do you think they will beat out all the others.

Your predictions will be shared (your name will not be announced) on my internet show "In the Pickle Barrel" on Friday, November 13th between 8AM-10AM EDT.

In addition, list the top 5-10 issues that concern you most beginning with #1 as you major concern.

I look forward to your input and hope you will join the program either in the online Chat Room or by call in to the program.

You may send your comments to inthepicklebarrel@sc.rr.com or in the comment section on this page.

Hope to see you "In the Pickle Barrel". Maybe together we can figure a way out.


You can also join me each Monday-Friday morning on alternative radio from 8AM-10AM EDT by jumping "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss politics and issues that concern all citizens.